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Partnering for Success with Wholesalers

As wholesalers, your goal is to build strong relationships with your advisor clients so they continue to work with you and your company. To make this happen, you work tirelessly to create connections and increase the value you offer to your clients.

Our transition specialists for advisors share many of your goals and efforts. We are only as successful as the relationships we build and the referrals we receive. For more than 10 years, we have dedicated our time to helping successful, established financial advisors handle various aspects of their business lives, consulting with them on broker-dealer transitions, succession planning, and successor identification.

Together, we can offer your clients great value. By working with a transition specialist you trust with your clients, you communicate that you care about your clients’ businesses from a holistic point of view – that they mean more to you than just another sale.

Client Snapshot

  • Average annual revenue of $800,000+
  • Average of at least $100 million AUM
  • Average 6-month project engagement
  • Broker-dealer and RIA
  • Midwest focus and national outreach

Relationships Matter

  • Assisted 50+ advisors transition to a new business platform over the past 2 years
  • Built strategic relationships with over 100 BDs, Custodians, and RIAs
  • No cost to the advisor

3 Core Values to Benefit Your Clients

By cultivating a partnership with us, you benefit your current and prospective clients:

  • Confidentiality: Every conversation we hold with a prospective or existing clients is absolutely confidential. We can also keep my relationship and conversations with you confidential, if you prefer.
  • Neutrality: We work hard to identify all solutions for our clients. We continually research new opportunities for our clients. We never set our own agenda or exhibit preferences with regard to any single broker-dealer, custodian, or vendor firm.
  • Availability: We strive to be a resource for you as well as your clients. Reach out to us any time you have a question about the industry or if you would like assistance in getting in front of a particular advisor.

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Stay Connected to Stay Top of Mind

Let’s stay in touch to see how we can help each other and, in-turn, our mutual clients. Frequent communication through discussion and questions leads to new business opportunities. We are interested in answering your industry questions pertaining to transitions, firm solutions, and succession planning. And we are eager to help you with your business needs. For more information, contact Aaron Hasler and his team via phone 612.208.0653 or contact our office via email. We look forward to partnering with you!

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