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Generational Partnership as a Growth Strategy

Investing in a generational partnership delivers the best of both worlds – it adds momentum to your practice’s growth while providing you with a business continuity and legacy plan. The many benefits are not limited to those advisors looking ahead to retirement. It’s an effective strategy for any successful advisor interested in growing their business and improving overall efficiencies.

Generational Partnership for Growth:

  • Strategy Development – We work with clients to identify your short-term and long-term goals for the business and determine what needs a generational partnership could meet.
  • Partnership Design – We discuss and brainstorm partnerships strategies and assist you in selecting the partnership model to best accomplish business goals. 
  • Project Execution – We take the steps necessary to find a partner who can help you meet your goals. We:
    • Recruit potential partners
    • Screen and recommend best-fit candidates
    • Mediate deal structure and compensation alternatives
    • Facilitate the process through a timely and effective onboarding
  • Project Evaluation – We conduct assessment and follow-up to ensure a smooth transition and conclusion. We stay connected with your firm and review your partnership needs annually.
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