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Firm Growth and Recruiting Strategies

Competition among advisory firms for recruiting  good candidates is currently strong. To recruit and retain the best candidates, your firm needs to be clear about your value proposition and what you’re looking for in an advisor, broker dealer, partner or employee. We can help your firm define both so that you have an effective story to tell and know when a candidate is a good match. The experience we gain in our Transition and Generational Partnership work lends to retained search by understanding how people drive a good investment firm and what it takes to succeed.

Broker Dealer Recruitment Services

  • Define Business Strategy – By understanding the unique qualities of your business,  the short-term and long-term goals, business objectives and core values, we help define the type of advisor candidate that brings the most potential. 
  • Compensation and equity – We ensure the offers you make are competitive while staying consistent with your current compensation philosophy. We can also help determine specifics for incentive pay and potential ownership issues.
  • Interview Process – We work with our clients to develop a consistent interview experience. This ensures you will critically evaluate each candidate, manage your employees time efficiently, and receive the best hiring outcome. 
  • Cultural Match– Often overlooked, we help you understand your firm’s culture and then identify its most important elements in order to find the best potential match.
  • Candidate Management– We maintain close contact with candidates, garnering useful feedback to your firm and ensuring candidates remain interested in the opportunity through the due diligence process.
  • Legal issues – We use our experiece and connect you with the necessary professionals to help determine whether candidates can bring clients in a transition, and how to prepare for a move.
  • Onboarding and transitioning – We help you develop a realistic timeline for executing a transition, assist in planning marketing efforts, and determine what steps you can take to expedite the process.

Our Candidate Search process identifies the uncovered, or passive, candidate that is open to a unique opportunity. We find our candidates through LinkedIn, email campaigns, calling campaigns, networking, and research. We do not rely on posting ads and passively waiting for candidates to respond. Our work yields a greater number of qualified candidates.

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