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As agents for change, we turn the traditional recruiting model on its head. We’re recruiting a better way, helping advisors identify a broker-dealer or firm that accelerates their business.


Aaron is the Managing Director and Partner of an independent recruiting and consulting firm focused on finding the right custodian, broker-dealer, or firm for our successful advisor clients. Advisors come to us when they’re considering a change in their current broker-dealer or custodian. They look for us to manage their search process. Think of us as agents for financial advisors. We’re experts in:

Broker-Dealer and Custodian Selection and Transition – While you stay focused on your business, we generate solutions, compile research, arrange meetings, and facilitate your search project. The process saves you valuable time, expands your options, and yields better results for your business.

Firm Growth and Recruiting Strategies – We develop innovative strategies to drive top performing candidates to your firm’s unique qualities. From rapid growth to selective expansion, we can customize a candidate search program to your needs.

Generational Partnership as a Growth Strategy – We assist with deciphering your options, identifying your successor, and providing the legacy you want.

Why Work With Us?

✓ Hands-On Approach
✓ Committed To Research
✓ Committed To Innovation
✓ Passion For Finding Answers
✓ Passion For Developing Solutions
✓ No Charge To You
✓ Efficient Processes

We Will Help You:

We provide assistance to advisors considering a change of broker dealer, custodian, or firm. By understanding your business we can facilitate conversations to help you changes broker dealers, start your Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm, or join a firm that fits you. Our success fees are charged to the receiving firms, who enjoy working with the quality advisors we introduce them to. Our job is to find answers for your business and the project is not complete until you have the right solution. Working with us means pursuing every angle to meet your broker dealer, custodian, or firm needs.

Our Process:

Understand Your Business

We build an extensive profile of your business to determine which factors are most important when considering a broker-dealer or custodian.

Create Your Plan & Process

We outline and establish a timeline based on your business goals.

Research & Identify Target Firms

We leverage our industry knowledge and relationships to determine which firms are the best match for your business.

Introduce, Analyze, & Screen Firms

We facilitate introductory calls, develop questions for you to ask, and help you focus on the right criteria.

Negotiate & Plan Your Transition

We work on your behalf to negotiate the transition package and pricing (our fees are totally separate from the transition package).

Post-Transition Support

We walk you through the next step, whether it’s growing your firm or planning your exit.

Broker-Dealer and Custodian Selection and Transition

Successful transitions require significant time and attention – we provide both so you can stay focused on your business. Read More >>

Firm Growth and Recruiting Strategies

We help advisory firms execute a recruiting strategy that is consistent with their overall business goals. Read More >>

Generational Partnership as a Growth Strategy

We work with firms to develop and execute a plan that leverages succession strategies to grow the business. Read More >>

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